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Wilson racquets

Wilson tennis racquets have always been highly popular among both hobby and professional tennis players. In the 70s and early 80s, the wooden Jack Kramer ProStaff and Jack Kramer Autograph were used by many top players. In the graphite racquet era, Wilson managed to keep up its eminent status, building several superb composite racquets such as the Wilson Ultra, and, above all, the legendary Wilson ProStaff, played by many top stars like e.g. Jimmy Connors (although for quite a short time), Chris Evert, Stefan Edberg and Pete Sampras. Sampras used the ProStaff to win 14 grand slams, playing this racquet his whole career long. Another true Wilson racquet classic is the T2000, made of lightweight chrome tubular steel, developed by Lacoste and introduced in 1968. Its name was chosen with reference to the legendary Wilson A 2000 baseball gloves, released to the market 10 years before. The Wilson T2000 seemed to be Jimmy Connors` elongated left arm from the early 70s until 1987, when he definitely said good-bye to his trusty fellow.


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