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Rossignol racquets

It was not before young Swedish talent Mats Wilander astoundingly won the French Open in 1982 at the age of 17, playing the F200 Rossignol Carbon (that was the racket of his choice through the entire 80s), that the French company Rossignol played a signifcant role in the international racquet businness. The F200 Carbon was by far the most succesful racket that Rossignol has ever produced and sold. In the course of the years, the design of the F200 was slightly changed several times, as you can see on the gallery photos. The very last F200 (let`s call it the "Wilander autograph" model) model didn`t have a bridge at the throat any longer (see photo). A range of F200 collectors states that it therefore wasn`t as good as the previous versions with the original shape. Well, I couldn`t sense a difference.