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Puma racquets

German company Puma started building tennis racquets in 1983, when they came up with the PCS (Power Control System) system that allowed to change the racquet`s length (and therewith balance) by +/- 10 mm, by means of a screw at the end of the grip. The first flagship player under contract with Puma was Guillermo Vilas (ARG) in 1984. Vilas was the first prominent player to professionally use the PCS system, and his colleagues were curious how Vilas would cope with it. Then, in 1985, German "wunderkind" Boris Becker sensationally climbed onto the Wimbledon throne, playing a Puma G. Vilas racquet that had been released to the market at the end of 1984. After that triumph, Puma immediately launched the Puma Boris Becker Winner which was fully identical with the G. Vilas model, apart from the inscription, so Puma actually simply renamed the G. Vilas model as Boris Becker Winner. With his two Wimbledon titles of 1985 and 1986, Becker helped Puma become one of the world market leaders for tennis racquets. Several other racquets were built in the following years, amongst them the famous Boris Becker Super racquet. The Boris Becker Winner and Super catapulted Puma amidst the world market leaders for tennis racquets. After Becker`s first wimbledon title, Puma sold 150,000 racquets per year instead of 15,000.


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