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Mats Wilander racquets

Swedish tennis player Mats Wilander, one of the most successful pros of the 80s, was almost married to the Rossignol F200 Carbon. When he sensationally won the French Open in 1982 as 17-year-old, the F200 Carbon already was the racquet of his choice. The F200 Carbon was one of the early graphite models that replaced wooden and aluminum racquets in the early 80s and one of the most flexible graphite racquets ever produced. It more closely resembled the feel of wooden racquets then later graphite models. The long Wilander/F200 Carbon liaison came to an end in 1989, when Wilander experimentally played a Prince CTS racquet at Wimbledon (losing to John McEnroe in the quarterfinals), and another Rossignol model thereafter until the end of his ATP career, the FT 5.60 or 6.60.

Mats Wilander playing Rossignol F200 Carbon

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