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Jimmy Connors racquets

Until 1984, throughout his whole career Jimmy Connors had played the Wilson T2000 (chrome tubular steel), it seemed to be his elongated left arm. The T2000 set the wood racquet traditionalists on their ears with its lightweight steel construction. It didn't need a racket-press (it didn't warp), and its slender framework meant less wind resistance. When Connors still played the T2000 in the eighties, this racquet had the aura of a dinosaur - it had been introduced in 1968, built by Lacoste on behalf of Wilson. Then in 1984 Connors switched to the new Wilson ProStaff that had been designed especially for him, with Connors being involved in the development of this racquet. 1985, however, saw Connors again playing his old T2000! And even in 1984, Connors had played most of the major tournaments with the T2000. It was not before 1987 that he definitely turned to playing a graphite racquet, when he contracted with Slazenger, using the Slazenger Panther Pro Ceramic. This cooperation ended in 1990, and Connors followed Boris Becker, signing with Estusa.


Jimmy Connors with Wilson T2000 and Wilson ProStaff

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