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Fred Perry 70s and 80s tennis wear

In 1952, British tennis legend Fred Perry created a sweatband that kept the sweat from flowing down the arm and making the grip slippery. From the sweatband, a full collection of classic tennis wear emerged which gained triumphant success in Europe in the 70s. Fred Perry`s tennis fashion was also very popular amongst business people who appreciated the decent understatement appeal of the Fred Perry polo shirt that should become a real classic. Nowadays, those classic Fred Perry poloshirts are highly popular again, worn by mods, skaters etc. as a piece of unfading noble sports fashion.

When looking at the fashion gallery below, don`t be confused about the fact that there are Fred Perry fashion clothes in the 1979 and 1980 Dunlop catalogue, back then, Fred Perry (at least) in Germany was presented and distributed by Dunlop.



Fred Perry/Dunlop tennis fashion 1979


Fred Perry/Dunlop tennis fashion 1980