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David Stone: The two very last Fila Borg Bj shirts, never released for sale!!!


In his respective ebay auction, David Stone said:

"FABLED Fila Bjorn Borg “Suntory Cup” Fila/ BJ shirts. Size 40. MADE IN ITALY. The Holy Grail of hardcore Fila collectors. FAR AND AWAY THE RAREST FILA SHIRTS IN EXISTENCE. These two shirts were made for Bjorn Borg’s appearance in the Suntory Cup exhibition in Japan. The white/green/red shirt is the MOST SOUGHT AFTER Fila/BJ shirt among die-hard collectors. This example is in EXCELLENT condition and only the 2ND one I’ve seen in over 30 years of collecting Fila (I had the largest collection in the U.S. at one point). Has all correct badging down to the FIOCCHI buttons—even has Japan market only wash tag. The beige/red/navy shirt is the ONLY EXAMPLE I’ve ever seen other than on Borg himself. Shirts were made by Fila for sale in JAPAN ONLY (at the time the second largest market for Fila next to the U.S.) and were to be introduced to the rest of the world later on in the year. The white/green/red shirt was to be the next Fila/Bj shirt in the BJ line for world release. HOWEVER, right after the Suntory Cup exhibition, Borg announced his retirement from competitive tennis and the Fila BJ line WAS PULLED FROM DISTRIBUTION and CANCELLED. Borg still represented Fila but not under the Fila/BJ (his own line) label. Subsequent Fila/BJ warm-ups featured only the Fila F Box tag from then on out. These two shirts are unspeakably rare and in great condition. Own a piece of true Fila Bjorn Borg history."