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Fila tennis wear

The cooperation of Swedish tennis legend Bjorn Borg and Italian fashion company Fila is one of the most famous and successful chapters of tennis fashion history. Some of those clothes belong to the most beautiful tennis and lifestyle wear ever created. Borg was well known for his signature look of an on-court polo and, post-match, a zip jacket that blended a classic look with strong '70s styling. This original post match zip jacket was the Fila Settanta with the must have BJ patch and large zip fob.

Many fine collections were released between 1975 and 1986, with the probably most wellknown line being the White Line that included the Bj Settanta tracksuit, available in numerous colour combinations, with and without pin stripes in the course of the years. On the whole, Fila produced three types of Bj tracksuits. The Settanta type is also known as Mark I. This is the jacket that you saw Borg wear on most of his outings at Wimbledon. Borg also heavily popularized the pin striped White Line polo shirt - after having won his first wimbledon title in 1976, Borg superstitiously wore the same White Line shirt again and again, winning five titles in a row until 1980 dressed in this shirt, before he was dethroned by John Mc Enroe in 1981. Borg never returned to Wimbledon as active player, it took amazing 19 years until he showed up on the holy ground of tennis again, on occasion of the Champions Parade in the year of 2000. After the Mark I, in the early 80s Fila launched the Bj Mark II type which had a much looser fit than the Settanta. The Terrinda - Mark III - was the last Fila Bj tracksuit, released in 1983, being well ahead of its time with its biker style collar and padded shoulder detail.

The only other player being honoured with a personalised Fila brand logo was Guillermo Vilas (ARG), contracted by Fila from the mid to end 70s.

By the summer of 1982, Liverpool city centre was beset with teenagers walking around like the tennis stars of the day with Fila Settanta and Terrinda tracksuits, polo shirts, shorts and even designer socks. Today, almost 25 years later, a revival of that era can be observed in the UK, thanks to the movie "The Business" and the fact that several pop stars such as the Arctic Monkeys wore Fila vintage garments during shows.

In 2004, a red/white version of the Settanta jacket even won The 2004 Stuff Style Awards.


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