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Donnay racquets

In the wood racket era, Belgian company Donnay was the most succesful and productive racket company. Countless types of wood racquets were released, amongst them a lot of really beautiful ones. Bjorn Borg was Donnay`s flagship player. He started playing Donnay racquets in 1975. In 1976, the now legendary Donnay Allwood was introduced and became Borg`s trademark racquet until 1980, when he made use of the new Borg Pro. Borg won four Wimbledon titles with the Donnay Allwood and his fifth and last title with the Borg Pro in 1980. However, for the American, Canadian, Australian and Japanese market, Borg was contracted with American company Bancroft and played their rackets at tournaments in these countries. It was a quite unique behaviour to switch between two racquets from different manufacturers, a phenomenon that cannot be found anymore in today`s player scene.

After the wood racquet era had ended in the early 80s, giving way to the next generation consisting of new materials like graphite, fibre glass and boron, Donnay not only failed to maintain its leading market position, but soon even played a minor role in the market. However, with Andre Agassi`s rise in the late 80s, also Donnay kind of resurrected after years of having been losing much significance in the global racquet market. Next to Borg, Agassi was the second biggest tennis star Donnay ever had under contract. Agassi played the Donnay Pro One from 1989 till 1992.


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