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Chris Evert racquets

For almost a decade, Chris Evert had played the wooden Chris Evert Autograph, launched by Wilson in 1976. In 1984, she said good bye to the wood racquet era and started playing the Wilson ProStaff Mid, for the first time at the Masters tournament in March 1984 (losing the final to Martina Navratilova in three straight sets). Apart from the fact that Chris Evert hoped to improve her game by means of the new racquet (indeed, she did), there was another reason for switching to another model: She had had a share in the profits yielded by the sale of her wooden Chris Evert Autograph racquet, but the sales figures had considerably decreased. Chris Evert played the Wilson ProStaff until the end of her career in 1989.

Chris Evert playing Wilson Chris Evert Autograph and Wilson Pro Staff.

Picture on the left copyright by Tennis Magazin and presented with exclusive permission by Tennis Magazin. Taken from Tennis Magazin August issue 1980. The Tennis Magazin January issue 1985 frontpage presented with exclusive permission by Tennis Magazin.

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