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Adidas racquets

Amongst many racquet collectors, adidas is regarded as super cult. The GTX Pro-T, a follow-up version of the legendary GTX Pro, is one of the most sought-after racquets, easily achieving a price of 200-300$ on Ebay auctions. Adidas started producing tennis racquets in 1974. In the 70s, during the wood racquet era, Illie Nastase was Adidas`s flagship player. But at the beginning of the 80s a new star was born: Ivan Lendl. He began his ATP career in the late seventies playing a Kneissl White Star Pro, before being contracted with adidas beginning from 1 January 1981 and officially using the GTX Pro. Shortly before he contracted Adidas, on occasion of the Davis Cup final CSSR vs Italy (4:1) in December 1980, Lendl had already played a Kneissl White Star Pro revarnished into Adidas design.

Apart from the GTX Pro and GTX Pro-T, in the course of the 80ies, Adidas produced a huge variety of other rackets carrying Lendl`s name (e.g. the CF series), almost exclusively midsize rackets, but not all of these proved to be really good tennis rackets. After Lendl had cancelled his adidas deal in 1990, switching to Japan company Mizuno, Adidas lost significant market shares and retired from tennis racquet production in 1992.

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